Hooray, it’s done!

On December, 26th we finished the reforestation of about 17 ha of pasture land with native tree species within our forest climate project Puntos Verdes.

Cedro Baum im zweiten Pflanzjahr

Bäumchen für die Auspflanzung

For the next 30 years 32 different species will take care that a lot of tons of CO2 will be removed from the atmosphere and fixed in wood form. Some of the tree species planted are vulnerable or even endangered. The figure 30 is the official validity period of the project but the owners of the property want the forest to be there forever. That will help to increase the biodiversity on a long term base. And this is a very important aspect within our climate project. During the following years we still have to do tending strategies so that the small trees will not be covered with grass or vines. At the same time we will have to make sure that no pests or diseases will affect the development of the trees. In total 13.500 trees were planted.